• General

  • Users

    Airway Gym has 2 types of users

    • Gymnasts: Those people who download the App and make a use of it.
    • Trainers: Those professionals that want to keep an eye on one or more gymnasts. Their access is via web.
  • Languages

    The App is utterly translated to:

    • Spanish
    • English
    • German
    • French
  • Who can do the exercises?

    Any person of legal age without a deformity or anatomical limitation that makes difficult the realization of the exercises.

    If you suffer from any limitation or physical disability, you should consult with your doctor before using the App.

    If you experience any pain while doing the exercises, you must interrupt the completion of the exercises and consult your doctor.

  • Gymnasts

  • Does the App include a Personal Trainer?

    No, it doesn’t. For the time being we do not provide that service. The application is designed for you to choose a professional qualified person you trust. It could be a rehabilitator, instructor, myofunctional therapist, a physiotherapist, a speech therapist, an otolaryngologist… usually the same person who treats you.

    In the event that person is not aware of the App yet, you can show it to him/her and encourage him/her to open a free account as a trainer.

    Once he/she creates his/her account, he/she will be given a unique code. That code is the one you should use within the App. From that moment both accounts will be linked and the personal trainer will be able to follow your progress.

    The most important thing is that you have full power. You choose your PT and if you are not happy with him/her you can cancel at any time using your App.

    The ‘Enquiry’ section is designed to consult your PT, which means that it only works if you have previously assigned one in the menu: Profile > Trainer.

  • Is this App going to heal me?

    The best treatment for sleep breathing disorders is physical exercise and weight loss. Nowadays it is difficult to get time to put on a tracksuit and go running after a hard day at work. Airway Gym makes it easy for you to work on the muscles responsible for your blocked airway. The App shows how to perform certain exercises with your mobile comfortably watching TV. By doing them you are toning those muscles and facilitating the entry of air.

    When acquiring Airway Gym it’s like having a stationary bike or a dumbbell that allows you to specifically work on the muscles that you have problems with. This App is a tool to do exercises and its success depends on your perseverance.

  • What happened if I do not find the expected improvement?

    The main reason to do not obtain an improvement in your symptoms is the incorrect performance of the exercises if you do not follow up the instructions given in the App (ie simultaneous movement of the head and phone with the tongue movements) . The second reason is the presence of anatomic disorders in your upper airway (like tongue tie, maxillar malformation or disoclusion problems), in that case you need an evaluation by your physician.

    If you suffer from these anatomical conditions do not upload airway gym because despite you will increase your muscle tone you do not find all the expected improvement.

  • What results can I expect?

    So far, most people who have performed the exercises correctly every day for 3 months have significantly improved their snoring and apnea.

    Many people begin to notice small improvements in the first week of use.

  • How do I do each exercise?

    There is an explanation for each exercise inside the App prior to its performance. You can drag your finger from right to left on the image, and that will show you step by step what to do.

    Please see below Steps 1 and 2 of the Pressure with your chin exercise:

    Step 1
    Step 2

    In the last step an animated illustration of how to perform the full exercise is shown.

  • Can I change my personal trainer?

    Of course, simply enter the code of the new PT and press Confirm.

  • Can I remove my personal trainer?

    Yes, just leave the Trainer field blank and press Confirm.

  • Trainers

  • I want to try Airway Gym

    Simply fill in this short form.

    You will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address.

    Later, one of our administrators will validate your account and indicate its approval. From that moment you will be assigned a unique code that will identify you within the App.

  • How do I show who I want to supervise?

    On the home screen of your private area your unique identification code is displayed.

    You must provide it to the users you want to supervise to be selected as their Personal Trainer within the Airway Gym App. From that moment your and their accounts will be linked and you can start following their progress.

  • An gymnast has disappeared

    Athletes have the ability to remove you as a Personal Trainer at any time from the App.

    Once you stop seeing the data for a gymnast, you will then realise that particular athlete has removed you as his/her PT.

  • App

  • Android Requirements

    The minimum version is Android 4.4.

    The app requires activating the screen lock on your mobile. More information in the official web.

  • iOS requirements

    The minimum version is iOS 10.

  • Devices

    The App has been developed to be used only in mobile phones. Not on tablets or larger devices.

  • Android screen lock

    The screen lock is a condition that is imposed to ensure the data security in Android. Google highly recommends it, it is easy to activate and protects you if you lose your mobile or it is stolen.

    You can follow these steps that appear in the official guide to activate it.

    The preferable method would be: Lock using fingerprint (if the mobile has the option). Otherwise: Lock using a password, Lock with a PIN or Lock with a Pattern also meet the objective. The "Slip Lock" method does not provide security and will not work.

  • Font size

    In certain cases, the App may not be displayed correctly. For example:

    Font size

    This is due to the state in which you find the font size on your mobile. This option is in:

    Settings > Display > Font size

    Select: "Default".