Real opinions


I've gone from being condemned for life to using the CPAP to sleep to not using it and sleeping perfectly.


If it is not a miracle, it is something that is very similar to it.


I wake up in the morning feeling rested and without a headache.


The App has solved my snoring problem. It has also helped me avoid a complicated surgery.


In 20-30 days we started to notice an improvement. I hardly ever snored. I woke up more rested and fresh.

90 days later the sleep apnea disappeared.

José Miguel

You have to be constant with the exercises shown on the App. I notice I rest better. The Apnea has practically disappeared.


Deeper sleep. Feeling rested when waking up. I recommend its use.

Juan Carlos

Thanks to the exercises I don't have to undergo surgery. I do recommend you to use the App.


The App has an easy and dynamic interface. We can do the exercises using the screen of our mobile device. It has a daily control of the exercises and a graph that shows the results of the day, month and year, pretty good to see our progress.

Thanks to keeping myself motivated and performing the exercises on a daily basis, it made my obstructive apneas disappear and severe apnea was reduced to small hypopneas.


Improve his IAH from 21.5 to 10 after 3 months with the application


My experience could not have been any better. The result is amazing, I’m very happy about it.

I will recommend the App to everyone I know with this problem.